Classroom Training

Electrical Basics for technicians

Course topic overview

By the end of this one-day class students will have hands on experience with the proper usage of the tools and methods to diagnose circuit faults correctly and efficiently. Upon Completion of the course the students will receive reference material for further self study and also a certificate of completion for the course.

Please note: this class is held at our headquarters in Gilbert, SC. Transportation and lodging costs are not included.


Basic Electrical Theory

Students will learn about Electrical Circuits, Voltage, Amperage, Resistance, and Electrical Components such as Relays, Fuses, and more.

Electrical Tool Overview

In this section of the course, students will learn how to correctly use and diagnose problems with a multimeter and an amperage clamp.

Hands-On Lab Instruction

In this instructor lead section of the course, students will work on actual real world circuits and learn to correctly troubleshoot circuit faults.


The video below discusses some of the terminology used in this course.


Pricing information is listed below.

Golden Ticket Classes

(For TEXA Customers with voucher)


Customers that purchased a TEXA kit from Diesel Laptops after May 1, 2017 will receive one free class of their choice. Strict limit of one Golden Ticket offer per TEXA unit sold. Travel and lodging are not included.

Discounted Classes

(For TEXA customers only)


TEXA customers receive discounted tuition rates. This offer may be combined with one Golden Ticket. Strict limit of one Golden Ticket per TEXA purchased. Travel and lodging are not included.

Regular Tuition

(For non TEXA customers)


Non-discounted price for customers who have not purchased a TEXA kit from Diesel Laptops. Travel and lodging are not included.

Class location

PLEASE NOTE: This is not an on-line class. This class will be held at the Diesel Laptops Training Facility in Gilbert, SC. See the Map below for address and directions. Travel arrangements and hotel accommodations will not be provided by Diesel Laptops.  

Class Schedule

Classes are scheduled to last from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. As this is a full-day course, we will allow for several short breaks throughout the day in addition to a longer lunch break.

A morning snack with coffee and a catered lunch will be provided by Diesel Laptops. If you have any dietary restrictions, please let us know the Friday before your class.


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