In-Classroom Training

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As a valued TEXA customer, you are eligible for one free in-classroom training course at the Diesel Laptops Training Facility in Gilbert, SC (map shown above.) To claim this benefit, please request enrollment below.

Enrollment Request form

To request enrollment, please fill out all fields listed below. Please note that only customers who have purchased a TEXA kit from Diesel Laptops since May 1, 2017 qualify for a free class. If you do not have a printed voucher, don’t worry, your customer information is on file. If you do not qualify for a free class, you will need to  purchase a class at the full tuition rate. Instructions for purchasing a class will be sent in a separate email.

Attention TEXA customers.

To verify your status as an existing TEXA customer, you will be required to enter the Serial Number of your TEXA TXTs scanner. This number can be found on the back of the tool as shown in this photo.