Heavy-Duty Truck/Bus Protocols

Heavy-Duty Truck/Bus Protocols


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  • Time: 8am - 4:30pm EST (2 Days)
  • Location: Gilbert, SC
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By the end of this two-day class, students will have been thoroughly exposed to a range of topics associated with Heavy Duty Truck Protocols including the history and terminology of the industry, physical hardware, databus architecture, delineation of protocols, message formats, an in-depth discussion of the RP1210 standard, and an overview of the applicable areas of computer science.

The course includes nearly four hundred pages of notes, examples, and reference material as well as numerous historic anecdotes and a protocol calculator application.

Physical Layers

Everything from network topologies, wiring requirements, terminating resister placement, and connector pin layouts to the OSI communication model, vehicle diagnostic adaptors, and technical documentation reviews.

Message Processing

Starting with bus arbitration, large message transport mechanisms, and low-level data encoding techniques and running through binary encoded protocol structures, the RP1210 API, and connection troubleshooting procedures, the class provides an expansive look of topics across the board.

Decoding Examples

The class includes a number of exercises in which students hand-decode sample databus messages at the byte level.


Please note - this class will be held at the Diesel Laptops Training Center in Gilbert, SC (map below.)

For those traveling, we have negotiated discounted hotel rates with the closest Comfort Suites. We have also selected several local resturants that may interest you while you're visitng. Click the link below to learn more.

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