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  • Time: 1pm - 4:30pm EST
  • Location: Gilbert, SC
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By the end of this half-day class students will have hands on experience with the proper usage of the TEXA IDC5 Software and how it integrates with Diesel Laptops exclusive software such as DTC Solutions, Knowledgebase, Truck Fault Codes and more. Upon completion of the course the students will receive reference material for further self study and also a certificate of completion for the course.

Scott Meek teaching TEXA IDC5 software

TEXA IDC5 Software

After an introduction and overview of the program, students will learn how to launch and navigate the IDC5 software. By the end of the course, students will be able to read and clear codes, change engine parameters, and perform bi-directional functions such as DPF regenerations and cylinder cutout tests.

Students learning Diesel Laptops software in class

Diesel Laptops Exclusive Software

Students will also learn how to incorporate our exclusive software into their IDC5 workflow. Students will get an introduction to DTC Solutions, Knowledgebase, Labor Time Guide, Truck Fault Codes and more.

Student using IDC5 on an actual working truck

Hands-On Lab Instruction

In this portion of the class, students will get hands on experience using the TEXA IDC5 software on an actual vehicle. Students will change parameters, view live data, learn how to perform datalog recordings, and perform tests on real vehicles at our facility.

Please note - this class will be held at the Diesel Laptops Training Center in Gilbert, SC (map below.)

For those traveling, we have negotiated discounted hotel rates with the closest Comfort Suites. We have also selected several local resturants that may interest you while you're visitng. Click the link below to learn more.

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